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...immerse yourself in a year of learning while addressing life's most challenging questions...




Those of us privileged to have received a Jewish education, who have gained much knowledge and skills in learning, often seem to have lost the soul.

We may live Jewish lives, but how deeply do we care about being Jewish?

Come experience a comprehensive balance of serious Torah study and explore the inspirational depth of Torah thought.

MIND Today, traditional educational models focus on the study and analysis of Jewish text, while lacking emphasis on the deeper questions of faith and theology.

Enjoy a learning experience that is not only about becoming knowledgeable, but about becoming inspired.



At Orayta, immerse yourself in a year of learning while addressing life's most challenging questions.

If you are intelligent, inquisitive, and looking forward to a year of living and learning in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem, we are looking forward to meeting you...




A Student Perspective
by Noam Weinreich

When deciding whether to come to Israel or not, itís important to decide what goals you would like to accomplish over the year. The primary reason for many of the students here is probably something along the lines of using a full year to really study and understand Judaism, and hopefully by the end of the process, really internalize those values. Understanding Judaism isnít so simple though, especially when there are so many different perspectives on almost every issue. Internalizing the values is even more difficult, since studying alone can only take you so far in that respect. It seems that it would be impossible to really understand Judaism from a rational perspective as well as internalizing what you learn in just one year. Unless you happen to go to Orayta. (Continue reading...)

A Student Perspective
by Albert Kohn

Talmud Tractate Succah, Hilchot Shabbat, The Aryeh Kaplan Anthology, Talmud Tractate Shabbat, Essential Essays of Eliezer Berkovitz, Rambam's Mishneh Torah, God in Search of Man by Abraham Joshua Heschel, and top it all off with a copy of Naham Sarna's Understanding Genesis. (Continue reading...)

A Student Perspective
by Eric Brauner

On Shabbat Toldot, the first of two impromptu ďin Shabbatot,Ē the students and faculty of Orayta were the heart and soul of the Old City. From a poignant Kabbalat Shabbat amid the sound of sirens, to a community wide Tisch in the center of the Jewish Quarter, Orayta helped to unify the Old City with the spirit of Shabbat. Young and old, observant and unaffiliated, everyone who passed by was encouraged to help make Friday night the start of the best Shabbat ever through song and dance. What could have been a Shabbat filled with trepidation and worry was transformed into the quintessential spiritual and religious experience. (Continue reading...)

A Student Perspective
by Eliezer Buechler

Jerusalem has been my extended campus for the past four months. I have explored the plazas and alleys within the old and new city, smelled some of the most exotic middle-eastern spices around the shuk, and eaten at deliciously exquisite cafes too. Yet unbeknownst to me, I really had not begun to touch the surface of what Jerusalem really entails..   (Continue reading...)

After several months of Torah study, Orayta students in the Gemara track lead by Rabbi David Silverstein, compiled their studies on various sugyot from Mesechet Brachot and matters pertaining to Kriat Shema. Click on image on the left.


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