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What is the Orayta Difference?

Inside-Page-4Balanced and Inspirational Curriculum

Balanced and Inspirational Curriculum

Orayta offers an inspirational and comprehensive approach to Torah; combining depth of Torah thought with rigorous text study. In addition to Gemara, students are also exposed to Machshava (philosophy) and the rigorous study of Tanach.

Classic Gemara Learning and Beyond

Talmudic study at Orayta is unlike any other yeshiva. Students will not only develop mastery of the material and textual skills, they will also understand why they learn Gemara and the vital role it plays in their personal development.

Inside-Page-alumniLifelong Connection with Alumni

Lifelong Connection with Alumni

The deep connections formed with Rebbeim and the yeshiva continue long after a student's year in Israel. Through Shabbatonim, retreats, Alumni Week, events, personal calls and campus visits, Orayta remains an integral part of our alumni's lives and their "home away from home". Once an Orayta student, always a member of the Orayta family!

Intellectual Openness

At Orayta no question is out of bounds. Students are encouraged to ask any and every question necessary to forge their own unique individualized relationship with Hashem, Torah life and Eretz Yisrael.

Located in the Heart of the Old City

Orayta, located in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City overlooking the Kotel, is housed in a magnificent 900 year old Crusader building with an incredible rooftop view of the Temple Mount (Har Habayit), Mount of Olives and into the Judean Desert. Just steps from the Kotel, our location provides the perfect location for a year of learning, growth and inspiration.

Parent Programming

Parent Programming

Orayta offers parents opportunities to learn and grow alongside their children through weekly Divrei Torah, webinars, a mid-winter Parents Program and more.

Relationships with Rebbeim

In Orayta's warm intimate environment students will develop an individual personal relationship with their Rebbeim which will help to guide them in their process of self-growth.

Connect with the Land and State of Israel

Touring enables the students to relive Jewish History and experience a profound love for Eretz Yisrael – Tours include Masada, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea, Negev,  Gush Etzion, Golan Heights, Galil, Tiberias, Tzfat and more.

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