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Do Good. Feel Good. Do Bad. Feel Bad - By Rav David Aaron

Sparks - Parashat Toldot

When we do something wrong, we not only violate our relationship with G-d and break a particular law
but we also wrong ourselves and damage our self-esteem. Sin is an act of self-betrayal. The Talmud
teaches that we cannot do wrong unless a spirit of insanity enters us. Indeed, we have to be out of our
minds to transgress G-d's will; who only wants the best for us. Therefore, when we do wrong we have
lost ourselves, at least temporarily. We become estranged from our Godly essence, and we are no longer
at home with our true selves. After Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, G-d asked them, "Where are
you?" Likewise, when we do wrong we lose ourselves in our self-imposed spiritual exile; we become
strangers to ourselves.

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