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Your Place or Mine? Living in the Arms of Love - By Rav David Aaron

Parashat VaYetzei

Jacob runs for his life to Charan because his brother Esau was out to kill him. The Bible records that on
his way “he reached the place and spent the night there ... and lay down to sleep.” (Genesis 28:11)
The Midrash –the Jewish Oral Tradition-- interprets “the place” to mean “G-d.” G-d is “The Place”
because according to the Kabbalah He made space within Himself for creation and always holds us all
within His loving embrace. Therefore, His loving presence is our ground, context and place. Thus it
Why do we refer G-d as “The Place?” Because He is the Place of the world (i.e. we exist within G-d) ...
G- d is the dwelling place of the world...
Jacob lived this truth. He always defined himself and his actions within the context of G-d. Therefore,
even though Jacob lay down in a physical place, He experienced himself exiting within the arms G-d’s
loving embrace.

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