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Sefer Torah Campaign Donate Page

 Join our 10th year students in dedicating a 100 year old Sefer Torah. Orayta will bring this Sefer to life in our Beit Midrash overlooking Har HaBayit. Your generous donations will enable us to complete the Sefer and continue offering scholarships to our students..

To donate by check, please address and mail to:

8304 Waterline Drive, #104
Boynton Beach, FL 33472



$18,000 - Sefer

$10,000 - Special Portion*

$5,000 - Parsha

$3,600 - Perek

$1,800 - Weekday Aliyah

$500 - Passuk

$180 - Word

$36 - Letter


* Please specify exact parsha or special section (ie Parashat Noach): See what's still available.

All dedications are on a first-come-first-served basis as entered in our database as the dedications document is uploaded sporadically (we will contact you if your first choice is no longer available). If you do not indicate which dedication you prefer, we will choose one on your behalf.

Dedication in honor of / in memory of / in recognition of a Rabbi/teacher

Thank you for your support! Please donate an additonal 3% in order to cover our cost of credit card processing.

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